Experts Meet in Germany This Week to Discuss Nazi-Looted Art

Kazimir Malevich, “Suprematist Composition.” Many works by Malevich were claimed to be Nazi-confiscated art, and over which disputing parties later settled. (Photo courtesy Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

As part of a global effort to school art-world professionals in the recovery of art and other cultural treasures that were looted during the Nazi era, experts from museums, auction houses and government agencies are meeting this week for a six-day conference in Magdeburg, Germany, the Associated Press reports.

Experts from over a dozen countries, 35 people in total, are coming together for the conference, which was organized by the European Shoah Legacy Institute. The conference ends Friday.

From the report:

This is the first meeting of the new Provenance Research Training Program, which the Shoah Legacy Institute says will be offering similar workshops in other countries to provide advanced training “in issues concerning cultural plunder during the Third Reich, the Holocaust and World War II.”

“This is an attempt to deal worldwide with the fact that there is no training in this,” Fisher said. “There are people who have some expertise … but they have not been formally trained.”

Experts Meet in Germany This Week to Discuss Nazi-Looted Art