Spotted: FTC Chairman Grabs a Bite With a Google Exec

Dish if you have details.

Inquiring minds want to know. (

A little bird by the name of Bloomberg tells us that U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz took some time away from the tenth annual D conference for a cozy lunch at Catalina Kitchen with Google SVP of advertising Susan Wojcicki.

We wonder what they discussed Maybe they pondered what “point of friction” would be the focus of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic. Or maybe they discussed that little dust-up between Ari Emanuel and the Verge’s Joshua Topolsky.

Or–dare we even speculate?–perhaps they broached the no-doubt awkward topic of that escalating anti-trust probe. As Mr. Leibowitz himself said on stage yesterday, “There are certainly allegations that the search results have changed or evolved over the years… We’re trying to figure out if the evidence is there and what the theories are.”

No word on what they ate. We’ll assume seafood.