GIRLS: Five Essay Prompts (Episode 8: ‘Bad In Bed’)

It’s sterile

3. Adam joins Hannah in the shower and urinates on her. Discuss the infantile pleasure of micturition in light of Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents.

I’d rather discuss Adam’s rage issues and anti-authority idealism in light of Civilization and Its Discontents, but fiiiine.

Freud had this idea that when someone feels “an oceanic feeling of wholeness,” (something that arises during the first stages of love, say) they can regress back into a stage of pre-ego infantilism where the identity between the person and the object is blurred. Pleasure principle and so forth.

So while it is totally gross, Adam peeing on Hannah can either be seen as a sign that he is truly opening himself up and falling for her…or that he’s just a big weirdo that wants to incorporate water sports into their sex play. I assumed the latter.

4. After Marnie and Jessa pick up a venture capitalist in a bar, their possible menage a trois is cut short with the defilement of his shag carpet. How does this scene crystallize the class conflict inherent in the late capitalist project?

What a weird scene. The first time I saw it, I thought, “This is the first wrong note the show has played all year.” Because yeah, Girls is not especially adroit at keeping their “adults” three dimensional, but when that venture capitalist flips out, it’s almost too emotional. It was an uncomfortable scene, and it was trying to play for both laughs and for drama, and that guy from Bridesmaids had to revert to using some sort of weird caveman speech impediment so his accent wouldn’t come out.

Though I did love his “mash-ins”, especially the part where it’s just kids screeching over Len?

The second time though, I thought that this scene was so uncomfortable precisely because it was so well-written. This is why you don’t let strange corporate guys take you home, especially if they live in one of those creepy high-rises in Williamsburg that I thought literally no one lived in. He has this nice-guy act that complete falls away when he realizes he’s being “excluded” from the sex games, and even though he pouts that he wants to “balls deep in something…I don’t even care what it is,” it’s actually coming from this non-sexual place of wanting to be part of the group. Despite the fact that he has money and this expensive rug (and is a total goober), why is this guy so furious?

He’s mad because he considers them to be over-privileged hipster shits whose parents pay for anything, who look down on him because he’s not “cool.” He is not wrong: if there’s one thing show has taught us, it’s that working hard for something if it isn’t relationship-based isn’t worth the effort.
That being said, this guy would actually be a perfect boyfriend for Marnie; as they are both so tightly-wound yuppies trying who would be happier just accepting that they are fundamentally mainstream and middle-class. They shouldn’t have to hide their resentment towards parasitic friends who don’t have any cash.

Oh, and is Jessa a lesbian now?

5. Is Roxy Music the most amazing band ever?

Kind of, but it loses points for being my dad’s favorite band. Or at least I think it is because he loves Velvet Goldmine so much. You tell me:

<em>GIRLS</em>: Five Essay Prompts (Episode 8: ‘Bad In Bed’)