Glenn Beck Says Anna Wintour Is the Devil

Glenn Beck thinks that Vogue editor Anna Wintour‘s bundling for President Barack Obama means his administration is “off the rails.” “You can’t go on and say how bad an elitist Mitt Romney is and then stand next to her,” he said. How does Mr. Beck know she’s an elitist? Her “neck scarf,” apparently. In this GBTV clip, he also makes fun of how Ms. Wintour’s accent pronounces “Michelle Obama”—doubting her British heritage!  He says that she is the “devil” in “The Devil Wears Prada” so many times it seems almost blasphemous. [HuffPo]

In These Times labor reporter Mike Elk is pressing charges against the PR goon that roughed him up at the Capitol Hill panel where he asked Honeywell CEO David Cote impertinent questions. [PR Daily]

On “CBS This Morning” with Charlie Rose, David Remnick explained that The New Yorker doesn’t grow on trees. “You cannot get these stories for free,” he said. “I cannot give you everything on the Internet for free and make you think, ‘Well, The New Yorker is something that comes out of the faucet.’” [WWD]

There are jokes in The New York Times Magazine. [Poynter]

Former NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker is being eyed for two awesome new jobs: the Tribune Co., which has been bankrupt as long as we’ve been alive, and Yahoo! [NY Post]

Atlantic Media’s new business site Quartz is going to be mostly data content, accessed on mobile. So like Angry Birds for capitalists. [AdWeek]

Ex-Viacom chief turned VICE advisor Tom Freston is separating from his wife Kathy. [Page Six]

Not sad about The American Prospect‘s dimming prospects yet? Consider the careers it started: Jonathan Cohn, Ann Friedman, Jonathan Chait, Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias, Garance Franke-Ruta, Richard Just, Spencer Ackerman, and Adam Serwer. [GQ]

Glenn Beck Says Anna Wintour Is the Devil