Glenn Beck’s Radio Contract Worth $20 M. Per Year

Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts has re-upped with syndication partner Premiere Networks in a deal that will pay Mr. Beck a staggering $100 M. over five years, reports The New York Times. It’s a significant bump from his previous contract, worth $10 million a year.

Mr. Beck’s paycheck would put him among the top 25 highest paid baseball players, and it’s not bad for a radio personality either. Sirius XM reportedly pays Howard Stern $60 M. a year after production costs, Rush Limbaugh’s eight-year contract is worth $50 M. annually, and Sean Hannity’s five-year contract is worth around $20 M. a year, plus a profit share on his show.

A talk radio fixture for about a decade, Mr. Beck left Fox News last year to start his paywall protected streaming network, GBTV. “The Glenn Beck Program” is syndicated to hundreds of stations by Premiere (owned by Clear Channel), making it a highly rated marketing opportunity for Mr. Beck’s other ventures. Premiere also sells advertising for some of Mr. Beck’s sites.