Google Forgot To Mention Its New Glasses Are Packing Some Junk in the Trunk

What's that we spy with our regular eyes?

The future isn’t quite as streamlined as GOOG might have us believe. Promotional photos for Google Glasses have revealed prototypes for Project Glass to be a little awkward, sure. Perhaps even a smidge La Forgian, if you will.

But new evidence uploaded by Sergey Brin on his very own social network highlight some undeniable heft in the posterior region where, presumably, the battery is stored. “Look how big Google Glasses are behind the ear,” wrote one alarmed commenter who posted the photo on Hacker News.

It’s partly the angle, but the frames look like they protrude even more indelicately than the pair Sebastian Thrun, the pioneering Googler behind self-driving cars, wore to the set of Charlie Rose. Mr. Thrun is also the driver in the photo above, so at least you know they’re also available in a preppy salmon hue. Maybe if they match your shirt stripes, no one will notice?