Gov’s employment relations committee nominee causes CWA headaches

TRENTON – The Communications Workers of America (CWA) have questions regarding Gov. Chris Christie’s nomination of Paul A. Boudreau to the state Public Employment Relations Committee, according to a source.

The source told that the Senate Judiciary Committee will likely have the votes to move Boudreau out of committee, but not without some discomfort between now and then.

President of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Boudreau has been singled out of a pile of nominations, the source said.

Morris County GOP Chairman John Sette said he couldn’t fathom why the CWA would want to delay Boudreau. 

“He is a great man,” said Sette. “He did a fabulous at Honeywell and he did a fabulous job at the Chamber of Commerce. Why is the union against a guy who wants to create jobs? It’s ridiculous.”

A GOP source deadpanned that the CWA is worried about Boudreau tilting the balance of power on the committee from “pro waste to pro taxpayer.”