Grand Classics “New York in Film” Series Starts with a Screening of Isaac Mizrahi’s Pick: Sweet Charity

Last night, a group a fashion moguls, designers, models and perfectly dressed men and women, made their way to the W New York hotel to view the first film screening in in the Grand Classics series “New York in Film.”

The evening commenced with a cocktail hour, rife with fashion editors and a lingering music crowd. It was a fitting precursor to the film screening of Sweet Charity–a personal pick by Isaac Mizrahi, a New York fashion icon who knows all about sexy.

“There’s a difference between when you put air quotes around something, and it’s actual meaning, you know what I mean? So it’s like ‘sexy’ is not as good as sexy, and this is a really sexy movie,” Mr. Mizrahi told The Observer, sincerely.
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