Mayor Bloomberg Huge Fan of Girls, a Show He’s Never Seen

Mike loves Lena! (Edward Reed/Mayor’s Office)

As mentioned in our morning round-up, Mayor Mike Bloomberg gave a nice little soundbite to The New York Post about Lena Dunham’s New York-centric show, Girls. He is such a superfan!

“We love the show for inspiring people to move to New York City and become the ‘voice of a generation,’ as Hannah would say,” Mayor Bloomberg apparently gushed at some point in time. He’s even looking to cameo! (Hope he knows how to unicycle.)

Meanwhile, the rest of the quotes don’t come from Mayor Bloomberg, but from Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, with lots of descriptive details about how City Hall employees talk about the show incessantly. The mayor himself, it’s noted, doesn’t actually watch TV in his house.

So the real question is: Has Mayor Bloomberg—who hopes that Girls will inspire legions of young women to move to the city, Carrie Bradshaw-style–actually seen an episode of the show?

Here’s Howard Wolfson again, speaking for the mayor:

Despite being a big booster of television productions that film on the streets of the Big Apple, Bloomberg claims he does not watch any TV at home.

But the City Hall buzz about “Girls” has penetrated his pop-culture bubble, with staffers gabbing and tweeting about the show in official cars shuttling the mayor to and from events.

“It shows the city in a different way than ‘Sex and the City’ did, but also positively,” Wolfson gushed.

Even from his Upper East Side townhouse, “Mayor Bloomberg is well aware that the next [girl] like Hannah wants to come and move to New York and live in Greenpoint,” Wolfson said.

Now, we don’t doubt that Mayor Bloomberg loves having such an New York-based show become so wildly popular. But “It shows the city in a different way…but also positively?” Really? Is that the same Girls that we’ve been watching? The one where recent college graduates are unable to find employment, nice Jewish girls who have just matriculated at NYU end up in Bushwick smoking crack, and venture capitalist yuppies have taken over Williamsburg’s high-rises?

See, unlike Sex and the City, Girls doesn’t really try to glamorize the Mary Tyler Moore ethos of “making it” in the big city; nor will the ostensible audience of young women who move to the city to be like Hannah end up contributing that much to the local economy.

No fetishism for Manolo Blahniks, no Magnolia cupcakes, no scenes set in Saks Fifth Avenue, because while Sex and the City represented a consumer-driven couture lifestyle, while Girls presents….the opposite of that. (Though perhaps attendance at Cafe Grumpy’s has spiked.)
As for a cameo: well, it’d be a stretch, but if anyone can write a scene where a 20-something runs into the Mayor of New York and talks about, you know, HPV, nominal employment opportunities, and the dangers of falling asleep on the F-line, it’d be Ms. Dunham.
Mayor Bloomberg Huge Fan of <em>Girls</em>, a Show He’s Never Seen