Henry Blodget Challenges Florida Journalism Professor to Blog-Off

145012052 Henry Blodget Challenges Florida Journalism Professor to Blog Off

Mr. Blodget.

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget has challenged journalism professor Dan Reimhold to a blog-off against BI’s pathologically prolific writer Joe Weisenthal, according to Poynter.

It all started when Mr. Reimhold, who teaches at the University of Tampa, wrote a mild blog post about how he would never teach his students to be like Mr. Weisenthal, presumably because Mr. Reimhold doesn’t hate his students. According to a recent Times Magazine profile, Mr. Weisenthal has no personal life, poor journalistic accuracy, and some gastrointestinal issues. Instead, Mr. Reimhold urged his students to be like the late Anthony Shadid. Easier said than done, prof!

So, yes, Mr. Reimhold is clearly a little out of touch with the professional realities of journalism in 2012. (Let’s all agree not to tell him about BuzzFeed.) But he is in for a rude awakening that is sure to be documented in painful detail.

Mr. Blodget wrote:

In my initial response to Professor Reimold, I said that Joe Weisenthal’s job was much more difficult than he thought and suggested that, if he were to try to do it for a day, he would fail miserably. And now, in a new post, his third installment in this series, the professor is offering to take us up on that challenge! So, we’re on, professor! Let us know when you’ll be here (we can help with the place to stay). We’ll give you a desk right near Joe Weisenthal and you can crank for as long as you like. And we’ll also document the whole thing–our readers will love it. Can’t wait!

Remind us to forget our Twitter password that day.

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