Here Is a Preview of Bravo’s ‘Gallery Girls’

This is an actual photo promoting the show ‘Gallery Girls’ on Bravo’s web site.

Here’s a two-minute video preview of Bravo’s new reality show, Gallery Girls.

A few things to note here: At the beginning of the video, the letters N-Y-C flash across the screen followed by the word “GRLZ.” There’s also the following quotations, presented without comment:

-“I grew up watching Sex and the City and I was obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s life.”

-“I saw Charlotte who works in a gallery and I had that idea in my head.”

-“I was kind of a brat when I was younger.”

-“A typical Brooklyn artsy girl has bad lipstick, weird jewelry, weird clothes. You know when you see one.”

-“In New York, everyone wants to work in the art world. Anyone’s willing to do anything.”

Uh, sure. Whatever you say. Gallery Girls premieres Monday, Aug. 13.

Here Is a Preview of Bravo’s ‘Gallery Girls’