Hugely Successful Elevation Dock Kickstarter Project Apparently Just as Annoying to Use as Regular iPhone Docks [UPDATED]


picture 11 Hugely Successful Elevation Dock Kickstarter Project Apparently Just as Annoying to Use as Regular iPhone Docks [UPDATED]

(Photo: Kickstarter)

When the marketing peg for your Kickstarter project is that your product is less annoying to use than its competitor products, you probably want to deliver on that promise. The Portland-based Elevation Dock surpassed its funding goal back in February, raising almost $1.5 million, almost 20 times more than its $75,000 asking goal. The project’s premise was that, unlike other iPhone docks on the market, the Elevation Dock allows your iPhone to be easily lifted from the dock, without all that annoying shaking and yanking characterized by other docks. But according to Droplr cofounder Josh Bryant, the Elevation Dock is just as annoying to use as its competitors.

Mr. Bryant tweeted a video of himself attempting to remove his iPhone from the Elevation Dock, a product which was advertised as “simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case.” But judging from the video… not so much. Mr. Bryant is seen struggling to undock the iPhone, just as he would with regular iPhone docks.

“The first and the last time I pledge a @kickstarter project,” he tweeted. “Weren’t these supposed to ship back in April too? #underwhelmed #lameproduct.”

Indeed, the Elevation Docks were reportedly supposed to begin shipping in April, so Mr. Bryant should at least count himself lucky that he’s received his. According to a raging debate in the comments section of the project, many backers are still waiting on their docks. A quick search for “Elevation Dock” on Twitter turns up a handful of posts, most of them referencing the fact that users are still waiting on their docks.

But backer Brad Covey chimed into the comments with a little sanity: “I hope people start showing a little more patience (and respect) and realize that as some have stated, Kickstarter is not a store front,” he wrote. “Items will not be done when the project ends and that the end of a project is actually the starting point.”

Far surpassing your fundraising goal is a huge accomplishment, but it can also delay manufacturing and shipping. At least there were no dead jellyfish with this one.

UPDATE: Casey Hopkins, the creator of Elevation Dock, wrote in to clarify:

I have a dozen docks in front of me and I can easily undock them all without the dock moving.  Our connector is mounted 7 degrees back so it is comfortable see and read. You simply need to pull it out roughly at that angle. He is bending the phone forward and pulling out, this sandwiches the connector and can make it stick no matter how low friction we designed the connector to be….this is a massive project to scale, especially with the complexity and time involved in manufacturing these….We should be assembling, QC checking, and shipping 450-700 per day this week as we continue to ramp up.