Condo, Kelly, Close Reveal Fantasy Art Wish Lists

Artists Cindy Sherman and Chuck Close. (Courtesy Jimi Celeste/Patrick McMullan)

Which art-world bigwig owns “a lot of drawings” by John Currin? Which Christie’s director would own Rothkos if she could afford them? And which reporter reveals, “at dinner tonight, I’m sitting next to Richard Serra”?

We won’t divulge all of the details from this Architectural Digest piece, assembled from interviews at a variety of recent art events, but suffice it to say that Ellsworth Kelly, Barbara Walters, Chuck Close, Martha Stewart, January Jones and David Rockefeller, Jr., among others, gave some interesting answers when asked by the magazine to name their fantasy art wish lists.

Chuck Close chose Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance, and Ellsworthy Kelly had a whole list, which included Léger, but our favorite response may have been from painter George Condo, who gave a real-world (his “real world,” mind you) alternate to his fantasy choice:

“I wouldn’t mind having a van Gogh,” he said, adding, somewhat more practically, “or a Maurizio Cattelan.”

Condo, Kelly, Close Reveal Fantasy Art Wish Lists