James Murdoch’s iPhone and Les Moonves’s Screening Room

Scotland Yard is investigating call records from a set of iPhones issued to top News Corp. brass that were not disclosed in the British government’s ongoing investigation of the company’s ethics. They’re on a different carrier than the company’s Vodaphone Blackberries. “James Murdoch is said to have told 02 that he specifically wanted a “white iPhone” when the smartphone was issued to him in the summer of 2009.” [Indepedent]

CBS built Les Moonves a $500,000 screening room in his home. Pre-recession style! [Crain's]

Another pre-recession gem, Elle Accessories, has relaunched, suggesting it’s not so bad out there for print anymore. [NY Times]

Meanwhile, the magnificent Warren Buffett plans to keep his growing stable of daily newspapers on life support until someone else figures out the digital business model. “The nice thing about it is that somebody can think about the best answer and we can copy him.” Or “her,” Mr. Buffett! [New York Times]

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon wrote to friends to say those flirtatious emails with ambassadorial nominee Brett McGurk, now her husband, were just flirtatious emails: “I want you to know, though, that while I worked in Iraq for the paper, Brett never gave me sensitive or classified information nor did he trade his knowledge for my affection.” [BuzzFeed]

Financial Times editor Gillian Tett is taking a book leave until 2013. Deputy editor Martin Dickson becomes US managing editor September 1. [Romenesko]

Prozac Nation author and non-mother Elizabeth Wurtzel argued that motherhood is not a job in The Atlantic. Cue outrage. [The Atlantic]

Salon writer Steve Kornacki and Glenn Beck TV host S.E. Cupp will rotate through MSNBC as it finds a replacement for Dylan Ratigan. [Politico]

Three more big hires at The New Republic: The New Yorker‘s Julia Ioffe, Tablet’s Marc Tracy and GQ’s Sarah Goldstein. [Politico]

Former New Republic editor Richard Just, who was replaced by his predecessor Frank Foer after Chris Hughes bought the magazine, landed at Newsweek/The Daily Beast. [Politico]