Jessica Stockholder Brightens Chicago’s Loop

Ms. Stockholder’s brightly re-imagined Loop. (via Flickr)

Jessica Stockholder, whose colorful work “Flooded Chambers Maid” graced New York’s Madison Square Park in 2009, unveiled her latest piece in Chicago this week, Color Jam.

The new work will be up through September in the Loop area of downtown Chicago. Here’s a description from the New York Times:

By wrapping the four corners of State and Adams Streets (and parts of buildings there) in swaths of burnt orange, lime green and turquoise — think of Christo meets Hans Hofmann — she deconstructs this slice of the business-as-usual world and transforms it into a playful and imaginative realm.

Color Jam is one of the most extensive public art projects in the history of Chicago.

Jessica Stockholder Brightens Chicago’s Loop