In Which a Barge Nearly Collides with a Jet Ski in the East River (Video)

New York City summers are, at best, hellish. Especially for those of us who can’t seem to escape it. And living so close to the coast, an entitlement to enjoying nearby bodies of water as more than just scenery seems so obvious. But is playing in the East River really such a great idea? 

For those who would poll in the negative on this question, here is one more piece of evidence to back your argument: A plucky couple took it upon themselves to engage in recreational water motorizing in the East River. Not kayaking, or sailing, or even swimming—three ways of getting about in bodies of water that aren’t reliably fast—but jet-skiing, which is basically motorcycling on water.

And yet: Even with that speedy little way of getting around, they almost got smashed in the face by a barge, because—unlike most small bodies of water people jet ski in—barges get around on the East River. 

The guy who shot the video from Astoria Part, one Nicholas C. Thompson, explains:

The current was bringing them towards the barge because it was high tide while the barge was traveling towards the jet ski.

It may not be the most compelling footage, sure, but the lesson is obvious: Just because the East River is there, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to engage it like any other body of water. Because it surrounds New York City.

Please try again.

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In Which a Barge Nearly Collides with a Jet Ski in the East River (Video)