John Baldessari’s Tech Talk

Still from ‘John Baldessari: Digital Talk,’ 2012. (Courtesy Nowness).

John Baldessari is the subject of a new short film by Todd Coles, one in a series of shorts presented by Nowness in which an artist is asked a question about technology. Standing outdoors as “all the private jets” carrying “captains of industry” land at the nearby Santa Monica Airport, Mr. Baldessari, in dark sunglasses, rubs his beard and answers the question: “Has the Internet made culture more accessible?”

In this neat little film made for Modern Matters magazine in collaboration with directors Peter J. Brant and Francesca Mirabella, Mr. Baldessari, who famously burned all of his work in the early 1970s and once proclaimed, “I will not make any more boring art,” can be seen here speaking of the “erosion” of copyright and how it “makes sense because art comes out of art anyways.”