John Lewis Robos For Hakeem Jeffries

John Lewis robocall

lewis john John Lewis Robos For Hakeem JeffriesWith the election only five days away, the Hakeem Jeffries campaign received a significant boost today with the news that Congressman John Lewis is recording robo-calls for them.

Mr. Lewis, a long-time Rep. from Georgia, is one of the lions of the Civil Rights movement.  His endorsement of Mr. Jeffries cuts into what his opponent, City Councilman Charles Barron, considers his base: older voters with long memories of the Civil Rights struggle. Mr. Barron is a former Black Panther and has been primarily making an argument about racial justice in the race.   This ad however almost explicitly names Mr. Jeffries as the best person to carry on the fight.

It is perhaps worth noting that the endorsement from Mr. Lewis comes the same day that Mr. Barron has received a rather bizarre endorsement from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, saying that City Councilman anti-Israel rhetoric showed that he understood the threat of the “unbridled power of Zionist globalism.”

The full text of the robo is below, and the audio above.

Hello this is Congressman John Lewis . I am an original Freedom Rider,  the last living speaker from the March on Washington and former chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, better known as SNCC.

I am calling today to offer my endorsement of Hakeem Jeffries for Congress on Tuesday June 26

Hakeem Jeffries is a strong leader and I believe he would be an effective member of Congress. So please don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, June 26 and  it is my hope that you will vote for Hakeem Jeffries .