Liu Spokesman: Blame Bloomberg’s Comments on ‘Low Blood Sugar’

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg took swipes at his two fellow citywide elected officials earlier today on two unrelated points of criticism they’ve leveled against his administration, and in subsequent statements, both of them swatted back.

“This is a new level of intellectual dishonesty that we haven’t even seen before,” Mr. Bloomberg said this morning of Comptroller John Liu’s critical report on his administrations revamp of the 911 response system. “This is a contract that was registered with the comptroller’s office and finished under the budget approved by his office, and we disallowed a lot of things, and now he’s out there screaming.”

“It’s pretty hard to answer something as stupid as his charge,” Mr. Bloomberg said as well.

Mr. Liu, understandably, did not take this criticism sitting down and sent out a statement from his communications director Peter Thorne declaring, “We will chalk up his name calling this morning to low blood sugar.”

“The facts speak for themselves and are clearly spelled out in the 15-month long audit. The City had a chance to respond to the findings but their answers were full of holes and lacked any real substance,” Mr. Thorne said. “The Mayor is simply attempting to confuse the public because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on with regard to this issue. The only dishonesty was the City’s failure to acknowledge their shortcomings and failure to accept responsibility for allowing another IT project to spin out of control.”

In the same interview, Mr. Bloomberg also lashed out at Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s amicus brief filed against legislation to allow livery cabs to accept street hails in the outer boroughs. Mr. Bloomberg labeled Mr. de Blasio’s argument against the bill the “stupidest” and most-nonsensical of the opponents, as Mr. de Blasio supports other legislation that would be illegal under his own arguments against the pro-livery cab legislation, he contended.

“The Mayor is making a bad habit of flinging personal attacks when he doesn’t get his way, but it does little good when he’s wrong on the facts,” Mr. de Blasio responded. “We are confident in the merits of our argument that City Hall set a damaging precedent here–and all for a plan that will hurt thousands of hardworking, middle class New Yorkers who make ends meet by driving a cab.”

Liu Spokesman: Blame Bloomberg’s Comments on ‘Low Blood Sugar’