Long Makes Inroads In GOP Establishment, Grabbing Rick Lazio Endorsement

Over the weekend, US Senate candidate Wendy Long grabbed the backing of baseball wielding Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino.

Today, she grabbed the endorsement of the person who Mr. Paladino beat in the 201o gubernatorial primary,  Rick Lazio.

In a statement, Mr. Lazio praised Ms. Long’s “experience, intellect and ability to make the case for sane fiscal policies:

Wendy Long is a fiscal conservative and a Constitutional scholar with a strong commitment to limited self-government. Her experience serving on the staff of two U.S. Senators and working as a clerk for both a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge and a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States will prove invaluable in her work in Washington.
New Yorkers don’t need another rubber stamp for the runaway deficit spending under President Obama. They don’t need another vote for the policies that are killing jobs and raising taxes. They need a strong, independent fiscal conservative that will be a check on the reckless Washington policies. That is why I encourage all New York Republican’s to vote for Wendy Long in the June 26th primaries and support her in the general election.
Most of the GOP establishment has lined up this cycle behind Congressman Bob Turner,  including former mayor Rudy Giuliani and–it is believed, at least–GOP chairman Ed Cox.  Mr. Lazio, twice a failed candidate for statewide office, remains a well-liked figure in certain corners of the party and is well-connected to the Manhattan fundraising network. It is worth noting however that Mr. Cox’s tacit support of Mr. Turner may play a role here, since it was Mr. Cox who tried to recruit Steve Levy to run for governor in 2010 in order to keep Mr. Lazio off the ballot.
That effort failed, and the GOP standard-bearer was, to many people’s surprise, Carl Paladino.
In his own endorsement, Mr. Paladino said:
Washington is mess with too many politicians like Senator Gillibrand who like to talk out of both sides of their mouth, Wendy Long says what she means and means what she says. In the United States Senate, Wendy will give New York the principled leader we need to fight fight for us in Washington.Kirsten Gillibrand’s radical liberal agenda is crushing individual freedoms, discouraging job creators, compromising religious liberties and mortgaging our children’s future. Wendy will get Washington off our backs and help restore an economic climate where small businesses can invest and create jobs.
This primary is critical, Wendy is the only candidate that can take Gillibrand on without all the distractions of the so called phony war on women and I encourage all New York Republicans to vote for her in the primary this Tuesday.
A spokesman for Ms. Long took issue with the framing of this post, noting that Ms. Long has lined up plenty of establishment support as well. A list of those in fact who will be robo-calling on her behalf is below:
*Assemblyman Will Barclay
*Former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton
*2006 GOP Comptroller candidate Chris Callaghan
*2010 US Senate and former US Representative Joe DioGuardi
*Tompkins County Chairman James Drader
*Montgomery County Chairman Joe Emanuele
*Former Republican Minority Leader & GOP Candidate for Governor John Faso
*Radio Host & Political Commentator Laura Ingraham
*Republican Minority Leader Brian Kolb
*Former US Representative Rick Lazio
*Former State Senator Ray Meier
*Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro
*2010 GOP candidate for Governor Carl Paladino
*Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt
*Monroe County Chairman & Assemblyman Bill Reilich
*Chemung County Executive Santulli
*Richmond County Chairman Bob Scamardella
*Retired Buffalo Bills great Thurman Thomas
*Former NYS Attoreney General Dennis Vacco
*US Senate Candidate Wendy Long
Long Makes Inroads In GOP Establishment, Grabbing Rick Lazio Endorsement