Look at This! ‘Brancusi: the Photographs’ at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

  • When venturing to galleries on summer days as hot as today, it’s best to visit only the best exhibitions, shows in which you will want to linger for a while, savoring dim lighting and air-conditioning. It is not a time for so-called gallery hopping. Bruce Silverstein‘s show of Brancusi photographs perfectly fits the bill. There are some 40 images, and nearly every one of them is remarkable. They show some of his most iconic sculptures—a 1920s shot of Sleeping Muse, no fewer than four images of Bird in Space—in his studio. Cloaked in shadows or gleaming under bracing light, the sculptures take on new lives.
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  • Still from Michael Sailstorfer's Untitled (Bulb), 2010. (Courtesy the artist and Johann Koenig Gallery)

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