Lorin Stein References Picasso in the Dos and Don’ts Section of ‘Vice’

I can see it. (Courtesy fieldspunthoughts.blogspot.com)

Hipster bible Vice asked Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, and his deputy editor Sadie Stein to do the comments for their coveted Dos and Don’ts section in this month’s Fiction issue, and it’s actually pretty great. These two have a future in vaudeville!

Oh, right, we need some kind of excuse to post it on this site: the ever-erudite Mr. Stein manages to slip in a reference to the work of Pablo Picasso in his critique of a young woman in suspenders.

Lorin: There’s something I like about this. The slackened suspender. She has a sort of Dora Maar quality.
Sadie: The shoes ruin it. It shows a lack of commitment to total glamour.

Overall, she’s a “do,” though. Read the rest here!