Williamsburg’s McCarren Park Pool Debut: $150 a Ticket

Williamsburg’s McCarren Park once had a pool. The pool gained some notoriety when—after being drained and going unused for several years—it turned into a summertime concert venue (and a pretty popular one) for the last few years. And yet, its days as a concert venue are already over, however, as the city decided to recommission it back to its original use: As a North Brooklyn swimming destination.

And not just any North Brooklyn swimming destination, but one that might be the most anticipated pool opening of the summer, if such a category were to even exist in New York (such as this city’s shortage of great swimming spots is). But if you want to be one of the first ones in it, you’re gonna have to pony up. To the tune of $150.

Welcome, yet again, to the Nu-Williamsburg.

DNAInfo reports that the Open Space Alliance is holding a charity fundraiser—proceeds of which will go to the pool’s maintenance—where $150 will buy one a ticket to a June 27 pre-party, the night before the McCarren Park pool opens. The ticket includes “cocktails, dinner, entertainment and a silent auction on the pool’s grounds.”

Also, Adrian Grenier (who’s on the OSA host committee) might be there. So, there’s that.

But no word on whether or not you can actually swim—or use the locker rooms, which boast benches made out of re-claimed wood from the Coney Island Boardwalks—before anybody else. But you can see it. So there’s that.

The pool opens on June 28th. To those going that day, we offer the most reluctant of encouraging words: Vaya con dios.

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Williamsburg’s McCarren Park Pool Debut: $150 a Ticket