Meebo’s Engineers Headed to Google+, Non-Technical Staff Unlikely to Follow

A source says the fate for many employees at Meebo's NYC office is fuzzy.


We heard rumors that a large majority of Meebo’s staff was let go immediately prior to announcing its acquisition by Google, so we reached out to a source to confirm.

A source inside the company told us that Google acquired Meebo primarily for the engineering team, and that those engineers would be going to work on Google+. The source also said that there will be interviews tomorrow to determine the fate of the sales and marketing teams, but that it’s not looking good and most people are expecting to be laid off.

Techcrunch confirms our source’s account, saying “we’ve confirmed that there are layoffs happening within the sales and marketing arms of the company.” They also confirm that the rumored price is indeed around $100 million.

We reached out to Meebo but they directed us to Google’s press office, which we also contacted. A Google spokesperson told us that they could not comment on personnel issues. We’ll update when we know more.