Meghan McCain Thinks Obama Is Behind Security Leaks, Chris Hayes Doesn’t Care Either Way

MSNBC weekend host Chris Hayes and correspondent Meghan McCain stopped by TODAY yesterday to discuss, well, comments Ms. McCain’s father had made. On Sunday, Senator John McCain alleged that recent national security leaks to The New York Times had been politically motivated and had come from President Obama’s administration.

“Is there any proof to back up these charges?” Ann Curry asked.

“I don’t know of any proof exactly,” Ms. McCain said, “but I think when there’s a leak like this you have to look and see who is benefitting and the President is obviously benefitting from this.”

“I had a conversation with my father last night and he he said this is the worst security breach he’s ever seen in his entire career,” she went on. “For me, that sends absolute chills up and down my spine about exactly what we have given the terrorists and our enemies through these security leaks. And whomever is doing this is not putting their country first and thinking about America and the safety of our troops and that’s scary.”

“I think we need more leaks not less,” Mr. Hayes rebutted. “I mean, I actually think we should know how the war is operating and what’s going on with a kill list operating out of the White House and what covert activities we’re engaged in.”

The two speed-talkers agreed to disagree.

[via Huffington Post]