Meng Camp Boasts Of ‘Cadillac’ GOTV Operation In Days Before Primary

With just three full days left before the primary on Tuesday, Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s campaign is boasting that they have the kind of superior ground operation which will put them over the top on election day.

“It’s like I have been handed the keys to a Cadillac,” said Josh Gold, political director with the Hotel and Motel Trades Council.

Mr. Gold previously did voter contact for John Liu’s successful 2009 comptroller campaign. He described an outreach effort over the next several days that would include 1,500 volunteers knocking on 150,000 doors and reaching out several times to 20,000 identified supporters.

“I have done this a lot,” Mr. Gold said. “I have done it a lot in this community. I feel confident in saying that we are going to knock on more doors than any other congressional campaign.”

Thanks to a quirk (or stalemate) of the state legislature, Tuesday’s primary will in many ways resemble a special election, with no down-ballot or up-ballot races to pull voters out, so GOTV is expected to be key. And it should be noted that Ms. Meng’s opponents have their own strength on the streets. Rory Lancman, a state Assemblyman, is backed by the powerful Working Families Party and City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley has many of the building trades and uniformed unions on her side.

Ms. Meng is backed by the Queens County Democratic Party, and in recent years the Working Families Party has outworked them on GOTV and beaten county-backed candidates. Ms. Meng though is running in a district that is plurality Asian, and if she wins she would be the first Asian-American from New York to serve in Congress, and so her campaign is relying on those voters to surge to the polls on Tuesday in numbers not yet seen before.




Meng Camp Boasts Of ‘Cadillac’ GOTV Operation In Days Before Primary