Booting Up: The State of the Internet Edition

2079013505 8e62cb71a6 Booting Up: The State of the Internet Edition

Good morning, we brought you coffee. (

Hope you aren’t holding your breath ’til you can register that .money address. The expansion of top-level domain names has reportedly morphed into a “bug-plagued mess.” [CNNMoney]

Now here’s a blast from the pre-Internet past: Microsoft has partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica and will  now prominently feature its information in Bing results. [TechCrunch]

Sounds like the legal community is losing patience with the patent wars. A judge just canceled the Apple-Motorola trial, because neither could prove damages. [Reuters]

There sure are a lot of dudes on Airtime. Hey Sean Parker, maybe another way to make the Internet less boring would be to interest more women in your service? Spitballing here. [BusinessWeek]

The U.N. is mulling a tax on American Internet companies. Good luck with that, guys. [CNET]

North Korea has discovered cyberwar. [ZDnet]