Microsoft Is the Corporate Equivalent of a Mean Girl, Says Washington Post

How does Microsoft really feel about Nokia?

Mr. Ballmer. (Photo: Wikimedia)

With the Surface tablet, Microsoft has made itself cool. What, you don’t agree? No less an authority than the Washington Post hath declared it so, in a story headlined “Why Microsoft is for once the cool kid in the technology world.” The alternate title is “Microsoft betrays the trust of customers and partners in the name of progress.”

The company unveiled the svelte new tablet with its magical keyboard kickstand without giving its hardware or software partners much of a heads up, WaPo writes, and that makes Steve Ballmer a mean girl. “While much of Microsoft’s new-found popularity is deserved, it’s also become increasingly clear that the company is willing to betray the trust of consumers and its partners to get its way,” the story says. And they have this book, this “burn book,” where they write horrible things about Apple and HP…