Mitt Romney: ‘If We Want to Get Rid of Obamacare, We’re Going to Have to Replace President Obama’

Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney responded to the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law with an address in Washington D.C. in which he explained why he thinks “Obamacare” is “bad law.”

“Let’s make clear that we understand what the Court did and did not do. What the court did today was say that Obamacare does not violate the Constitution. What they did not do was say that Obamacare is good law or that it’s good policy,” Mr. Romney said. “Obamacare was bad policy yesterday, it’s bad policy today. Obamacare was bad law yesterday, it’s bad law today.”

He also said the Court’s decision showed the president needs to be replaced in the next election.

“Our mission is clear,” said Mr. Romney. “If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama. My mission is to make sure we do exactly that.”

Mr. Romney described the law as a “job killer” that “raises taxes,” “cuts Medicare,” and adds “trillions to our deficit and to our national debt.”

“Obamacare also means that up to 20 million Americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance that they like and they want to keep,” said Mr. Romney “Perhaps most troubling of all, Obamacare puts the federal government between you and your doctor.”

Though Mr. Romney said “it’s important for us to repeal and replace Obamacare” with “a real reform of our healthcare system,” he didn’t offer any concrete explanation of what exactly he would replace the healthcare law with.

“We have to make sure that people who want to keep there current insurance will be able to do so….We’ve got to make sure that those people who have pre-existing conditions know that they will be able to be insured,” Mr. Romney said. “We also have to assure that we do our very best to help each state in their effort to assure that every American has access to affordable healthcare. And something that Obamacare does not do that must be done in real reform is helping lower the cost of healthcare and health insurance. It’s becoming prohibitively expensive.”

Though he didn’t describe the specifics of his healthcare plan, Mr. Romney finished his response to the Supreme Court ruling by framing the election as a choice between “a larger and larger government, more and more intrusive in your lives” or “return to a time when the American people will have their own choice in healthcare.”

Mitt Romney: ‘If We Want to Get Rid of Obamacare, We’re Going to Have to Replace President Obama’