Morning Links: Invisible Art Edition

(Courtesy Hayward Gallery)

Vienna’s Leopold Museum has settled with the heirs of the original owner of a Schiele looted by the Nazis and now in its collection. [Bloomberg]

Here’s a great interview with Renzo Piano, set on the eighth floor of his controversial London skyscraper, the Shard. [The Guardian]

“Don’t just buy it, DIY it.” A report from Art Basel. [The Art Newspaper] 

Here’s a list of everything that Turkey wants from Western museums. [The Art Newspaper]

French collector Edouard Carmignac plans sculpture park 35 miles off St. Tropez. [The Art Newspaper]

Review finds invisible art exhibition in London “thought-provoking.” [Bloomberg]

Singaporean street artist “sticker lady” violates strict vandalism laws and has people wondering about free speech. [WSJ Blog]

Philip Glass talks Einstein on the Beach. [WSJ]

Royal Ballet will collaborate with the National Gallery on a performance based on Titian. [FT]

Southampton’s getting a new arts center designed by David Rockwell. [NYT]

Municipal Art Society names Frank Gehry’s building at 8 Spruce Street the “Best New Building”. [Curbed]

Morning Links: Invisible Art Edition