Morning Links: Kassel Edition

The Hercules monument in Kassel, Germany. (Courtesy Joachim S. Müller/Flickr)

Cathryn Drake visits the Printemps de l’Art Contemporain in Marseilles, and encounters the following scene at a party: “the place was thumping and smoking, a dude with a mohawk was stirring up the mosh pit, and Ecstasy was being passed around. [Artforum]

Sarah Crowner talks with Hannah Whitaker, Alexander Provan and others about “gendered hat stands, speaking with ghosts, and unresponsive readers.” [Triple Canopy]

From Rachel Whiteread’s destroyed House to Lucian Freud’s portrait of Francis Bacon, a look at the vanished art that persists in haunting us, courtesy Jonathan Jones. [Guardian]

Warhol muse Baby Jane Holzer’s old Upper East Side penthouse sells for $17 million. [Curbed]

The Washington Post examines how the Corcoran Gallery came to consider a move from its historic home. [The Washington Post]

Here, watch the trailer for the new Richard Phillips movie, featuring Lindsay Lohan. HuffPost]

Appeal revives lawsuit between artist and the Saudi royal family. [AP]

Here’s a piece about Nancy Holt’s Land Art piece, Sun Tunnels. [WSJ]

Extremists in Timbuktu threaten to destroy ancient texts. [The Art Newspaper]

Frieze d/e is tweeting live from festivities at Documenta 13. A sample from the opening press conference: “CCB [director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev] skipping a lot of her own talk… Everyone happy about that!” [@frieze_de]

Blake Gopnik is at Documenta 13 too, and he’s tweeting about Ms. Christov-Bakargiev’s apple-juice artwork. [@BlakeGopnik]

New York magazine critic Jerry Saltz reports to Facebook from the Documenta press preview: “These European Press events are legendary. Everyone sits on stage with cups + bottles and translators and other people all dressed in black as everyone talks about ‘finding a space of agency’ and ‘a place outside the marketplace’ and bs like that – event paid for + sponsored and an artist is doing a performance now standing on the stage popping her gum + now, OMG! Audience applauds. It’s easier to launch a fucking battleship. Just cut a fucking ribbon.” [Facebook]

Morning Links: Kassel Edition