Morning Links: Lost and Found Edition

Austerity programs in Greece are putting the nation’s antiquities in dangers, according to some groups. The Association of Greek Archaeologists has produced a rather frightening ad to make that point. [NYT]

Here’s the artist’s guide to surviving art fairs. [The Art Newspaper]

Vanity Fair heads to Marfa. (Subscription, iPad required). [Vanity Fair]

The Guardian‘s art critic got trapped in a live game show at Documenta. [The Guardian]

Marc Jacobs discusses luxury: “I know people who do fly by private jet all the time, like Larry Gagosian, who is a big art dealer. He has a private jet and flies all the time, and luckily I’ve hitched a ride on his plane a few times and it is not overrated at all. It’s really a great way to travel.” [Grazia Daily]

Here’s a profile of Italian artist Giacomo Costa. [IHT]

Did you lose the art-buying notes you scrawled on your Liste program in Basel? Phillips’s Benjamin Godsill may have found them. [@mrgodsill]

Morning Links: Lost and Found Edition