Morning Read: Cuomo Angry Over 9/11 Snub; ‘No Enthusiasm’ for Rangel; Romney’s Immigration Problem

According to The Post, Andrew Cuomo is withholding funds from the 9//1 Memorial as payback for the way members of the security detail there and the mayor’s office treated his father Mario and top aide Joe Percocco.

Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers forged a deal last night for a new state agency to police the abuse and neglect of more than one million New Yorkers with developmental disabilities. The deal will bolster outside oversight of the state’s care and open up the books of the non-profits that are tasked with carrying out the care.

A deal on teacher evaluation appears to be falling apart. 

Cuomo and lawmakers are close to coming to terms on pay raises for lawmakers and members of the executive office. 

The New York Post backed Hakeem Jeffries, calling Charles Barron “a shameless racial ideologue.”

Top 2013 mayoral hopefuls marched on Mike Bloomberg’s house to protest stop-and-frisk. 

Meanwhile, Mike Bloomberg went to another Brooklyn church to defend his administration’s stop-and-frisk policies. 

Scott Stringer wrote an op-ed in favor of reform. 

Clyde Williams is fighting to make the fight for Charlie Rangel’s seat a three-person race. 

A campaign memo by Adriano Espaillat’s team says there is “no enthusiasm” for Charlie Rangel. 

The three Republicans candidates vying to take on Sen Kirsten Gillibrand disagreed on same-sex marriage, taxes, and whether or not Mike Bloomberg was a better mayor than Rudy Giuliani.

Senate Dems say they wont give away a lot to let the four breakaway members of the IDC back into the conference. 

A dispute over the sale of taxi medallions has complicated Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s efforts to pass a budget. 

Andrew Cuomo submitted a bill that would allow a state takeover of  NYRA for three years. 

Al Gore’s environmentally friendly investment firm has received a $65 million contract from John Liu to help manage hundreds of millions of dollars in city pension funds.

Larry Seabrook is set to face retrial on federal corruption charges. 

Bill de Blasio is planning a lawsuit to stop childcare cuts. 

Steve Kornacki said that Mitt Romney’s non-answer on whether or not he would repeal Obama’s immigration order is a way of talking without saying anything.

Advice to reporters travelling with Romney: Sit in front!

Both Obama and Romney are struggling to talk about Bain. 

White working class voters are an important swing vote, Tom Edsall writes.

Scott Walker’s Washington profile is growing. 

Morning Read: Cuomo Angry Over 9/11 Snub; ‘No Enthusiasm’ for Rangel; Romney’s Immigration Problem