Morning Read: Bloomberg Defends Obama; Last Minute Politicking; Obamacare Decision Approaches

Gov.Andrew Cuomo has started to lose some of his leverage–“point of mutuality,” he calls it–in dealing with the legislature.

But Cuomo is considering tying legislative pay raises to ending per diems for lawmakers and significant mandate relief, Fred Dicker reports.

Congressional candidates stumped for votes ahead of tomorrow’s primary.

Mike Bloomberg said that Barack Obama “has been a much better president than people give him credit for.”

Senate Republicans finally sound like they have had enough from Mayor Mike Bloomberg, on of their chief benefactors but someone who has a seemingly never-ending series of demands.

The Post calls Wendy Long the favorite headed into tomorrow. 

Andrew Cuomo and top Dems are “panicking” over the prospect of a Congressman Charles Barron. 

Another outside group, this one headed by Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes, is forming to pressure lawmakers to agree to publicly financed elections.

George Pataki is robo-calling against Democratic NY18 candidate Sean Patrick Maloney, reminding voters of his role in “Troopergate.”

Clyde Williams, “the third wheel” in the Rangel/Espaillat primary, is fighting to get recognized.

The Wall Street Journal  takes a look at Jerry’s, a classic-style diner that has emerged as the unofficial canteen for the city’s political power brokers.

The Post thinks that Cuomo should layoff the self-praise, since all Albany really did this year was fail to discrace itself.

Christine Quinn marched in the gay pride parade with her new wife. 

A series of new audits by Tom DiNapoli finds that private contractors charged with carrying out the state’s special ed preschool program bilked the state out of millions of dollars.

State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson has taken on a high-ranking position in a private company marketing green cards to Chinese investors under the U.S. government’s EB-5 visa program, City and State writes.

The NYPD encourages officers to call Internal Affairs if they suspect fellow officers of wrongdoing, but a new lawsuit alleges that the “stop-snitching” culture remains pervaisive .

A near-record number of city homeowners are appealing their property tax assessments. 

The founder of a network of charter schools in Harlem praised charters reliance on freedom and accountability to increase student achievement.

Damon Hemmerdinger, son of former MTA head Dale, has found a novel way to help the city: lending it parking space to impound illegal livery cabs.

Chuck Schumer pushed for a student loan compromise. 

An Obamacare decision is due this week. 

Rick Perry said that the administration looked “Nixonian” by withholding Fast and Furious documents. 

A contempt vote is due soon. 

Is Mitt Romney too focused on the economy?

Larry Sabato warned Mitt Romney about making a big play for PA.

Obama is beginning a two-day campaign swing in Mitt Romney’s backyard. 

Postal workers are staging a four-day hunger strike to protest cuts to the USPS.

Morning Read: Bloomberg Defends Obama; Last Minute Politicking; Obamacare Decision Approaches