Morning Read: Cuomo’s Booze Secret; Bye-Bye Benepe; No VP Slot For Rubio

Andrew Cuomo’s plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana appears to be foundering.

Cuomo introduced a bill that calls for full public disclosure of teacher evaluations without the names attached. Parents however would get the name of their kids’ specific teachers without the need of a formal meeting with a principal.

Cuomo also told a radio host his secret for ending the dysfunction in Albany: “Large quantities of alcohol late at night with multiple lawmakers.”

Adriano Espaillat is running for Congress with unabashed ethnic pride. 

Charlie Rangel isn’t changing his strategy:  “It’s not a challenge that requires any type of original effort. Same thing, same people.”

Rangel also got the support of the AFL-CIO.

The Daily News endorsed Clyde Williams. 

El Diario endorsed Grace Meng. 

Dana Rubenstein calls Erik Dilan “the congressional candidate from New York real estate.”

Michael Powell takes a amusing tour through on our own “Arab Spring”--the series of competitive primaries being held in the outer boroughs.

Adrian Benepe, the city’s most consequential parks commissioner since Robert Moses, is stepping down. 

A lot of people were surprised at his replacement--Veronica White, the Executive Director of the Center for Economic Opportunity,

The Sierra Club is teaming up with the owners of Indian Point Nuclear Plant to stop the construction of a power line beneath the Hudson River that would deliver energy to New York City. 

Sarah Maslin Nir profiles Al-Hassan Kanu, a City Council aide running for parliament in his native Sierra Leone.

The Manhattan DA is investigating a forgery and grade inflation scheme at Baruch. 

Former State Senator Nick Spano was sentenced to a year and a day in jail for tax evasion. 

Lawmakers passed a bill expanding organ donation. 

Marco Rubio is not being vetted as Mitt Romney’s veep. 

More Asians than Hispanics are moving to the US.

Barack Obama is trying to make Mitt Romney into the candidate of old, straight, white men. 

Cambridge, MA now wants a soda ban of their own. 

Morning Read: Cuomo’s Booze Secret; Bye-Bye Benepe; No VP Slot For Rubio