Morning Read: Mended, Not Ended; Schneiderman’s Moves; Obama’s Likability

Mayor Bloomberg defended stop-and-frisk at a church in Brownsville.

He said the policy should be “mended, not ended.”

While Governor Cuomo defended the Committee to Save New York.

Richard Brodsky said Cuomo positions himself as “hard right on economics and hard left on social issues.”

The New York Post suffers from “schizophrenia,”  Howard Kurtz declared.

Eric Schneiderman is investigating a member item Shirley Huntley gave out.

He wrote an op-ed about going after tax fraud as well.

And he’s axing the registration of over a thousand non-profits.

POLITICO is expanding.

Dylan Ratigan will leave MSNBC.

Glenn Beck got his contract extended for $20 million a year.

Jessica Lappin said she doesn’t generally let her children drink soda, but Mayor Bloomberg’s ban is an “overreach.”

Cuomo retained a new high-powered adviser to deal with Genting.

He’s still scoring high marks in the polls.

Charles Hynes fired back at his critics.

The Domino Sugar Factory may be sold for $160 million.

The abuse cases continue to roll out of Horace Mann.

The Daily News argued Albany must reform the way schools  handle these cases.

President Obama faces a frustrated Latino electorate.

Mitt Romney hopes to compete favorably among the constituency.

While the SEIU is running ads against him in Spanish.

Obama’s likable, but the question is, is he electable?

The special election to fill Gabby Gifford’s seat is in its final stages.

Fewer bills are becoming law in Congress.

Morning Read: Mended, Not Ended; Schneiderman’s Moves; Obama’s Likability