Moscow’s Architectural Heritage Under Seige

Moscow’s Dinamo Stadium. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Preservationists in Moscow are voicing concerns about the state of the city’s monuments, according to an article in The Art Newspaper, and the destruction of Moscow’s architectural heritage has played a part in recent anti-government protests.

One of the sites under threat is Dinamo Stadium, used in the 1980 summer Olympics, which is currently being developed as a possible venue for the 2018 World Cup. More from The Art Newspaper:

According to Natalia Samover, a co-ordinator of the Moscow-based Archnadzor movement, which monitors threats to architectural heritage and organises protests and lawsuits in its fight to save endangered buildings and monuments, officials ignored the fact that Dinamo Stadium was listed as a monument. The stadium, built in 1928 by the architects Arkady Langman and Lazar Cherikover as a homage to athleticism in the Stalin era, was “the last major sports facility in the constructivist style that was still preserved in Russia,” she says.

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Moscow’s Architectural Heritage Under Seige