Museum of Biblical Art Faces Job-Level Hurdles

The museum. (Courtesy NYCGO)

USA Today wades into the Gomorrah that is Manhattan today to report that the Museum of Biblical Art will lose its founding director Ena Heller, who has been with the Lincoln Square museum for 15 years.

On top of this, the museum will lose much of its support in 2015 and may even lose its $1-a-year lease on Broadway. From that story:

So why is Heller leaving? “I want to run another museum,” she said, preferably one with its own permanent collection. She also has little appetite for the fundraising challenges that will arise when the Bible Society shrinks its contribution to the museum’s budget from around 50 percent currently to zero in 2015. The drawdown was planned and mutually agreed upon.

Pray for them.

Museum of Biblical Art Faces Job-Level Hurdles