New Foundations: Greg Pierce’s Haunting ‘Slowgirl’ Is Superb

As is Lincoln Center Theater’s sumptuous new Claire Tow Theater

There’s no downtown scrappiness here, not even the modesty (or faux-modesty) of the sprawling new Signature Center’s unfinished-wood interiors. Befitting the august Lincoln Center, this is a new off-off-Broadway space that exudes wealth and comfort, from the ride upstairs in the Morton Janklow Elevators to picking up tickets at the Ford Foundation Box Office.

More important, there seems to be real money spent on the productions, too—judging from the lush staging for Slowgirl, which offers not only a lovely set but also winches much of that set a dozen feet off the floor for a scene, to shift us from Sterling’s simple home to his hilltop refuge.

But the best part is that the architect Hugh Hardy has provided audiences an elevated refuge of their own: a spacious terrace on the newly green roof of Eero Saarinen’s Beaumont building. It’s a pretty outdoor space, with fine views over master-of-the-universe Lincoln Center, where any theatergoer can feel as contemplative as Sterling—or as supremely fortunate as a Lincoln Center donor.