New York Post Editorial Board: ‘Extreme? Ultra-conservative? Us?’

The New York Post‘s editorial board is apparently undergoing some ideological reflection after Governor Andrew Cuomo opined on the matter yesterday morning, suggesting the paper has a “extreme conservative philosophy,” especially in regards to Mr. Cuomo’s teacher evaluations proposal that the publication feels caters to the teacher’s union rather than the students.

Well, the Post fired back with some Barry Goldwater rhetoric today, penning an editorial entitled “When extremism’s no vice.”

“Extreme? Ultra-conservative? Us?” they rhetorically asked. “Yes, we believe there should be accountability and transparency in public schools. If that makes us ‘extremists,’ so be it.”

“Well, somebody must stand up for the children, for the parents, for the taxpayers,” they continued. “So we’ll wear that label. Proudly.”

Mr. Cuomo’s original comments came as he was discussing the evaluations proposal with New York Post columnist Fred Dicker on his radio show.

“I haven’t seen that in my paper by the way—an extreme conservative philosophy,” Mr. Dicker interjected, also disagreeing. “I have seen some conservative philosophy but I wouldn’t call it extreme.”

The tabloid’s other editorial today was on NYPD reform measures being discussed in by the 2013 mayoral candidates. It was entitled, “You want more crime?”

New York Post Editorial Board: ‘Extreme? Ultra-conservative? Us?’