Norwood, Private Arts Club for the Smart Set, to Expand to Los Angeles

The bar on the parlor floor of the Norwood. (Courtesy Norwood)

Norwood, the tony arts club situated in an old townhouse on West 14th Street near the Meatpacking district in New York, where members of the creative industries can gather over cocktails in a cozy home-like setting of cushy velvet couches, Persian rugs and cutting edge contemporary art, is planning on expanding to Los Angeles, Gallerist has just learned.

“Right now, it’s a natural progression for us,” said owner Alan Linn over the phone from L.A., where he is currently negotiating for a potential new space in West Hollywood. “There are  some great things going on here and we want to appeal to the amazing art scene in Los Angeles.”

While he hasn’t settled on a projected opening date, Mr. Linn said the potential space is “a lot bigger.” And being that the city is “very outdoorsy,” he envisions the furnishings having a similar upscale-salon-meets-Moroccan-market feel, but with an appropriately West Coast twist. “It will be almost like appliquéd, like tattoos,” he said. “Slightly carny.”

With the recent news that the Soho House is expanding on its 10 current locations, to places like Istanbul, Toronto, Mumbai and elsewhere, we’re wondering if the Norwood has its sights set on a similar global empire.

“Soho House is a mega-club,” said Mr. Linn. “I won’t even try to compare myself.” For now, the club’s plans are focused only on L.A. and the creative types there. But will Mr. Linn be able to stick to his “talent, not fame” criteria for selecting creative members for the new club in such a celebrity-centric city?

“I think sometimes New York can be a bit scathing about L.A.’s art scene,” said Mr. Linn, laughing, “but I’ve met the most amazing people.”

Norwood, Private Arts Club for the Smart Set, to Expand to Los Angeles