Now This is How You Make a Book Trailer: Thomas Pynchon Titles Get Animated (Video)

Thomas Pynchon: The Book Trailer (YouTube)

In preparation for the e-launch of the e-release of Thomas Pynchon’s entire e-canon on e-book, Penguin commissioned Brooklyn graphic designer team CHIPS (Full disclosure: They are awesome and you should check out all their other great work,) to create a book trailer that would encompass every novel written by the reclusive, hyper-literate author. Here’s what they came up with, under the creative direction of Michael Beirut at Pentagram:

If you can’t tell, the opening is composed of the first lines of each Pynchon book. (We got as far as “A screaming comes across the sky,” which is exactly how much of Gravity’s Rainbow we understood, anyway.)