Fun: An Interactive Map of Every NYPD Stop from 2011, By Race and Neighborhood!

stop and frisk map e1338585753275 Fun: An Interactive Map of Every NYPD Stop from 2011, By Race and Neighborhood!

If you live in New York, and you’ve picked up a newspaper, you’ve no doubt read about the New York City Police Department’s pesky problem of stop-and-frisks, the tactic used by police to…randomly stop-and-frisk whoever they feel may or may not be carrying something on them that makes them worth arresting. Does it help? Is it racial profiling? It is a total, outright, so-blatant-as-to-be-downright-impressive-in-scale violation of every fundamental civil liberty you assumed most people to have had but are now coming to realize simply don’t?

Some people don’t like stop-and-frisk procedures the way they are in New York City. Among them are the city’s Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, who has been all over this; not an easy task, considering the police tactics have the loud support of the NYPD’s de-facto commander, Mayor Blooomberg.

Well, de Blasio has put out a nifty little infographic to help understand just how many people are stopping by police in New York City, and where they were stopped, and what ethnicity they just so happened to be when they were stopped. You can even look yourself up by location! Go ahead, give it a try. It’s a great time, assuming it doesn’t dredge up painful memories of that time everything you held to be true about your freedoms were shattered because a cop didn’t like your backwards Mets hat. | @weareyourfek

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