Obama Campaign Continuing Attacks On Romney’s Massachusetts Record

Mitt Romney

With the Romney campaign blasting President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy in the wake of the new jobs report, the Obama campaign has continued their attack on Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 until 2007. Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and several local Massachusetts politicians held a conference call this afternoon arguing Mr. Romney “failed Massachusetts.”

“Mitt Romney’s made his business experience a centerpiece of his campaign for president and he claims that the experience and the lessons he learned would result in economic growth for this country,” Ms. Schwartz said. “Yet when you look at his experience and record as the Governor of Massachusetts at a critical time, you can see that it did not work. It failed Massachusetts at that time and it would fail this country as well at a time when economic growth is obviously of keen interest to all of us.”

Ms. Schwartz said job creation in the Bay State lagged behind the rest of the country “every year of Romney’s term as governor.”

“The national economy was emerging from the recession in November 2001, new jobs were being created across the country by the middle of 2003, and yet, Romney as Governor of Massachusetts didn’t see any job creation until 2004. It lagged at least six months behind the recovery in the rest of the country,” said Ms. Schwartz.

Joseph Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, was also on the conference call. He said Mr. Romney’s health care reform was the single positive aspect of his governorship.

“Here in Massachusetts, Romney and his policies were unpopular then and unpopular now, except of course for healthcare reform, which he’s now running away from,” Mr. Curtatone said. “Think about that. The one thing which he should be genuinely proud of is the one thing he now says is wrong for America. He stuck with the right wing script and it doesn’t match the facts.”

Mr. Curtatone also pointed to President Obama’s wide lead over Mr. Romney in Massachusetts polls.

“The people who know him best, the people he actually governed for four years, they weren’t impressed then, by a wide margin, and they won’t vote for him now,” Mr. Curtatone said.

Obama Campaign Continuing Attacks On Romney’s Massachusetts Record