Paddy Johnson Named Art Editor at ‘L Magazine’

Paddy Johnson, 2012. (Courtesy

Arts blogger Paddy Johnson, who edits Art Fag City, has announced that she is the new art editor of The L Magazine. “Expect us to break a lot of it over here,” she wrote in a post today for The L Magazine. “We’ll also let you know what art events are worth your time, who’s doing stupid shit you can skip, and give you the earliest links to art memes you NEED TO KNOW. Awesome.” We got in touch with the blogger, curious as to just what would change with regard to her current duties at Art Fag City and The L Magazine.

“At its heart, this is a media partnership, wrapped in an editorial title,” Ms. Johnson told Gallerist over e-mail. “Technically speaking my role at The L Magazine won’t be too much different than what I’ve been doing for them already.”

Ms. Johnson is currently in charge of art direction for The L Magazine.  “So I’ll be assigning stories and overseeing the tone of the coverage—but the actual amount I’ll be writing won’t change.” And the amount of editing she’ll be doing won’t be that different either, since The L Magazine has its own editors (“though of course I’ll approve whatever goes out to them,” she noted).

Corinna Kirsch and Whitney Kimball, both AFC contributors, will now also write for The L Magazine while Will Brand, AFC’s editor-in-chief, will contribute to the Art Fag City column. As to our question with regard to how this will affect Art Fag City, Ms. Johnson said we’d be seeing more AFC, not less. “The blog effectively doubled its size today,” she said. “Since none of [our writers] were full time here to begin with (save for Will Brand), this just means we have more work we can give our contributors. I think that’s a great opportunity both for the blog and our writers.”

Paddy Johnson Named Art Editor at ‘L Magazine’