PERC nominee OK’d in Judiciary

TRENTON – The nomination of an individual to the Public Employees Relations Council barely received enough votes for release from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Paul Boudreau, of Basking Ridge, was not scheduled to be interviewed for the position, as his name was among dozens of others on the “considered” list, which are approved with one single vote instead of each candidate being voted on separately.

However, his nomination was pulled out for a separate vote after Hetty Rosenstein, New Jersey director of the Communication Workers of America, expressed opposition to Boudreau’s appointment.

She said Boudreau, a Republican, is not neutral, and represents business and managerial interests. His appointment to PERC, she said, would make it “a grossly unbalanced commission,” and there would not be fair representation for collective bargaining.

But Gerry Cardinale, (R-39), Demarest, who supported the nominee, said Boudreau’s ties to business, such as his being a Morris County Chamber of Commerce president, “is not a detriment.”

The nomination was released by the committee by a 7-5 vote. Sen. Brian Stack, (D-33), Union City, voted with the GOP to release the nomination.

Judiciary Committee chairman, Sen. Nick Scutari, (D-20), of Linden, agreed with Rosenstein, saying “It looks to me like we’re stacking the deck against the unions here.”

PERC nominee OK’d in Judiciary