Proudly Flout Twitter’s New Brand Guidelines With This Single-Serving Site

Fun with trademarks.

picture 5 Proudly Flout Twitters New Brand Guidelines With This Single Serving Site


If there’s one thing citizens of the Internet despise, it’s being told what to do. Look no further than the rise of hacker collectives and anti-SOPA protests for confirmation on that. That’s why when Twitter changed its logo and instituted strangely strict guidelines surrounding what you can and can’t do with it (“Don’t manipulate the bird!”), some were a little taken aback by the company’s sudden decision to go trademark trigger-happy.

So really, Violate Twitter Brand Guidelines was inevitable. It’s a single-serving site that does exactly what it says: provides buttons like “multiply” and “rotate” to help you manipulate the bird. There’s also “disco,” which turns the bird red, and our personal favorite–“Batman,” which turns it into a Twitter-style Batman logo. We don’t know how often you leave the house, but for those of us stuck on the Internet all day, the site provides a special kind of thrill.

Violate Twitter Brand Guidelines was built by Bertrand Fan, a programmer who lives in San Francisco, and already made it to the front page of Hacker News. The genius commenters on HN, of course, have already found a way to make it look like the bird is farting.

Your move, Twitter.