Question of the Week: Sorry to Talk About the Weather, But…

Despite it being the definition of banal conversation, we couldn’t help ourselves this week. It was hot.

But the response to this week’s heat wave has been strangely optimistic. Perhaps when winter is no more than a chilly fall (Didn’t it only snow twice in New York this winter? Absurd.) it’s not a shock to the system. In fact, most of our celebrity cohorts welcomed the season change with a warm, sticky hug, all of them ready for three-day weekends and cold drinks with salted rims.

Answers to the question, “How are you coping with this weather?,” ranged from the practical (Ira Glass, noting anything is better than a Chicago winter), to the helpful (Jackie Joyner-Kersee, reminding you not to leave home without sunscreen), to the bizarre (Sarah Polley, singing the cooling praises of breastfeeding). Now, let’s see how Meredith Vieira, Arden Wohl, Greta Gerwig and others are dealing.
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