Reddit Cofounder’s Brooklyn Apartment Turned Into Set for Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Alexis Ohanian's newest campaign.

(Photo: Twitter)

Though he reportedly hasn’t played Dungeons and Dragons since high school, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian tweeted today that he will be interviewed for a documentary about the fan favorite role-playing game. Mr. Ohanian, who lives in Brooklyn Heights, will have his apartment temporarily turned into a set for Dungeons & Dragons: The Documentary. As he put it, “Wee!”

The film, directed by Anthony Savini–who has served as the director of photography for shows like What Not to Wear, The Roosevelts and Law and Order–is set to release in 2013, and will feature interviews with D&D fans from all over the country, famous or not.

According to the Facebook page, Dungeons & Dragons: The Documentary:

will be a definitive look at the game Dungeons & Dragons and its place as a cultural phenomenon, covering its history, appeal and effect….We welcome anyone who plays or who has ever played Dungeons & Dragons, any and all gamers, LARPers, MMORPG players or simply anyone who has ever been curious about the modern phenomenon known as role-playing.

In that case, this reporter better call up her mom, who could surely rival Mr. Ohanian’s dungeon master skills.