Roundup: An Absurd And Genuinely Sad Fantasy

Charlie Rangel ranted about The New York Times editorial board endorsing his opponents, declaring, “I asked how could they do something so ridiculous.”

Peter King said that “90 percent of the terrorist crimes are carried out by the Muslim community.”

Grace Meng suddenly loaned her own campaign $60,000.

A pro-Israel group is going on the air against Charles Barron, using some of his most incendiary quotes against him, which, as Maggie Haberman points out, “is not really an out of context sampler.”
Last-minute money is flooding into Hakeem Jeffries’ campaign.

Jeffries and Barron are focused on winning Bed-Stuy.

Diana Reyna endorsed Barron.

The National Review travelled to Harlem to check out the Rangel/Espaillat race.

Governor Cuomo hasn’t decided on whether to weigh in on NY-18.

Robert Mittman is getting some anti-gay marriage support in the Orthodox community and from Ruben Diaz.

Ruben Diaz co-sponsored David Storobin’s bill to repeal gay marriage.

National Organization for Marriage likes Storobin’s bill a lot.

Governor Cuomo took his legislative victory lap to YouTube.

Guillermo Linares’ daughter filed paperwork to run for his seat, a possible sign that he is ready to run against Adriano Espaillat.

This legislative session hasn’t necessarily been the most productive one in modern history.

Mayor Bloomberg suggested shaming speeders.

Politico is at the crossroads.

Around 20 percent of Americans wouldn’t vote for a qualified Mormon candidate, but about a third of voters don’t yet know Mitt Romney’s a Mormon.

David Axelrod said Romney would be “outsourcer-in-chief.”

The Romney campaign is hoping that voters recognize the distinction between outsourcing and offshoring.

Jonathan Chait says that Chris Christie “is nurturing an absurd and genuinely sad fantasy that the liberal [Bruce] Springsteen would approve of him if only he had the chance to explain himself.”

Rep. Darrell Issa’s chief investigative counsel offered to stop the contempt of Congress proceedings against Attorney General Eric Holder if the DOJ agreed to fire Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

Congratulations to Mary Cheney, who married longtime partner Heather Poe today.

Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage hasn’t made the practice more popular but has  entrenched people further into their position.

Obama is encouraging his supporters to ask their friends to donate to his campaign instead of giving wedding or birthday gifts.

“Joe The Plumber” isn’t the only one who thinks gun control played a role in the Holocaust.

Roundup: An Absurd And Genuinely Sad Fantasy